Blue Ice Aviation is an air-taxi in South Central Alaska. Located just 2 hours North East of Anchorage on the Glenn Hwy it is the fastest way into Alaska’s true wilderness. Our operation does more unique bush landings than any other air taxi in Alaska. By saying “unique” I mean that we are not sharing these strips with other operations or people. We are two pilots, and we dominate the mountains surrounding this area. There is no Starbucks, stop lights, or competition, there is only the mountains, the glaciers, the wildlife, and good bacon-cheeseburgers down at the lodge.

In addition to flight operations Blue Ice Aviation offers an online experience through daily photos, videos, and merchandise. I also share stories, technical data, flying techniques, and life experience through the Blue Ice Aviation Blog.


Blue Ice Aviation is located 100 miles north of Anchorage, just minutes flight from the beautiful Alaskan wilderness...
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